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Retired Engineer doing car cake

Retired Engineer doing car cake

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Am (pronounce as i am) retired engineer. Still doing engineering works until the end. :) But not only doing civil works...but more than that...hihi
Civil engineer doing the cars?? hhuhu... doing the calculation some more.. but not using scientific calculator, Much more advance from the civil engineer...Thanks Allah

this is my tips to other baker for those want to do the cars cake:
1. Please print the actual cars as you are ask to do... for me, customer want me to do Merc 350L
2. If you have plan layout, side view and the actual size, please convert them to the size that you want. Still you have to do the interpretation, division and lupelah acik apeke term utk amount X untuk dicari itu.
3. Some of the cars in the internet, they comewith the diamension in all view... so you can just print them
4. Cut them  to get the template
5. Cut the cakes as a template
6. And so on your frosting if buttercream or fondant